Deliver highly sought-after student experiences

• Student-centric course design maximising learning outcomes
• Learning personalised to individual capabilities through diagnostic assessment, maximising and directing student effort more efficiently
• A transparent view of progress overall and at an individual subject level increases engagement and reduces withdrawal rates
• Responsive design that provides flexible delivery across devices and delivers in a consistent, easy-to-use and engaging format
• A flexible and secure cloud-based platform, accessible free for life, where students can display their credentials digitally

We are rooted in learning science and apply widely accepted principles of instructional design

The Learning Objects platform gives learners clear insight into what they know – and what they don’t – and suggests actions to close knowledge gaps. Learning is personalised at course and program levels, contributing to increased student retention, engagement and completion rates. Learners are prompted to reflect on their progress and think critically about how to proceed down the learning path:

• Progress and mastery are transparent to the learner
• Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted
• Adaptive assessments provide continual feedback
• Learning is personalised based on diagnostic results
• Visualisation of mastery motivates learners to stay engaged through to completion

To enable rich personalisation at both the course and program levels, our curriculum development process begins with the learning design ‘alignment triangle’ of backward design (Wiggins & McTighe): defining learning outcomes or attributes (can be aligned to industry needs); then defining assessments for evaluating learning; and finally, designing activities that facilitate higher learning.

This empowers you to measure and evaluate learners’ progress and the efficacy of your curriculum for continuous improvement.

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