Align your curriculum to outcomes that support graduate employability

When learning outcomes are aligned to graduate attributes, and program outcomes are aligned to industry requirements, learners are able to confidently communicate their achievements to employers through enhanced credentials that support graduate employability.

Learners need credentials that enable them to achieve their employment and career goals

Learning Objects offers a combination of extended transcripts, open badges, and evidence portfolios that empower learners to prove their competencies. Learners can tell their stories and showcase the value of their hard work and acquired skills.

We’ll work with you to maximise the value learners are getting from their credentials and evidence portfolios, keeping pace with changing demands in the workplace.

Give learners better tools to curate their own evidence of learning and tell their stories

• Extended transcripts are verified learning records that go beyond traditional transcripts, flexible enough to include competencies, courses, programs, co-curricular activities, and other types of learning achievements

• Badges enable learners to collect modular and stackable learning achievements that travel with them into the workforce and provide insight into their skills

• Evidence portfolios give learners a context for collecting their credentials and learning artefacts from multiple sources, empowering them to verify their skills

Best of all, learners can take their evidence portfolio with them free for life.

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